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Online Reputation Management

At Engage360Pro, we’ve developed ORM strategies that allow us to continually monitor your brand, generate and showcase positive online reviews, and handle negative issues with grace and empathy.
Tools like Google Alerts and Brand24 allow us to receive notifications of media and news stories that talk about your company. Our team becomes an extension of your brand’s team letting them know if any brand-based negative mention happens.
We provide guidance to you on how to react to such situations and help formulate the right words. We believe in addressing negativity up front, answering promptly and with empathy, and owning up to mistakes from your side.

Maintain your online credibility by properly addressing the brand-based negative issues

These days, people not only consider the Internet as their first source of information, but they also trust what it tells them. In fact, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and make decisions based on what they discover online.
But even with the best customer service, your business is bound to see its reputation take a hit every now and then.
A customer might post an angry review that the whole internet gets to see. Or a less-than-flattering media story spreads far beyond what you expected.
And here’s what makes this a real issue.
People naturally click on results that seem shocking or scandalous. Search engines and social media engines notice this and amplify the reach and effect of reputation-harming content. Follow-up content, commentary, and online gossip create more links and traffic, further validating the negative materials.
That’s why you need Online Reputation Management which involvesactively monitoring the mentions of your brand on the Internet and combating negative claims by addressing them directly and openly . Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find only the brand-promoting content when they look for you on the Internet.

  • Our social media team can design a social media content strategy to promote your desired reputation while our SEO experts formulate SEO strategy to push damaging and harmful content down the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and ranking your own or third-party more desirable material above it.
    Choose our ORM services before little issues about your brand amount to some serious damage.
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